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who we serve

We bring our programs to businesses, organizations, and individuals to share experiences in mindfulness and movement with people from all walks of life. Together, we wake up to live in awareness to improve overall well-being, reduce any physical or mental stress, and adopt healthy active lifestyles.


We facilitate wellness programs to promote a healthy culture in the workplace and make work-life balance possible.


We go to schools and universities to enhance education, help reduce stress, and support academic achievement.


We serve healthcare facilities to support healthcare professionals or patients and foster greater care.


We coach athletes, with tailored programs, to enhance performance and sustain, or prevent, sports injury rehabilitation.


We work with people from all walks of life, privately and in groups,
online and in-person to enhance health, wellness, and awareness.

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what we do

 We provide inventive programs integrating Mindfulness or Movement solely, or combining a fusion of both.  We can custom-design the content, duration and even location of any outreach initiatives to best suit the needs of your environment and create unique lifetime experiences.

Why Our Programs

Our programs have been thoughtfully designed with the educational aim to advance knowledge, develop abilities, and further skills to provide individuals conscious ways to sustain their health. 

What Is Unique

Each program with the Institute is unique, being reflective to living with the conditions forming in the present moment based on what, where, and who is creating the experience.

some collaborations

Along the journey of sharing Mindfulness and Movement Experiences here and there, now and then, we met with small and large groups of individuals from all backgrounds and conditions. We traveled to renowned and unheard of locations for professional conferences and health events. 

Not one initiative is alike. With Integrative Mindfulness and Movement, we are living in the present moment first and foremost.  Each of these past events stands out in our minds and hearts as moments of delights and surprises. We are grateful for the opportunities we are being given to provide ways to sustain health to all society and we would like to extend our thanks to these handful of recent events we hosted or were invited to. 

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