A retreat is an invitation to cultivate the quality of attending one’s immediate experience in the here and now, and to nurture a continuity of living in mindful awareness. A retreat is a time set aside to give oneself and others space to step out from life’s demands. A retreat is about returning home to ourselves, to the essence of human-being as opposed to human-doing. A retreat is about reconnecting to the vital elements one needs to live in health and awareness, and perhaps to find answers to what matters in one’s life.  If you would like to join one of our retreats or if you would like to request additional information, feel free to contact us here.

Retreats are designed and led by Maïté, our founder, with the intention to:

  • Immerse in the experience of integrative mindfulness and movement, creative expression, and reflection.
  • Connect mind-body and mindful-awareness in the exploration of the inner and outer landscapes of our present-moment experiences.
  • Nourish and give back to our organism with healthy meals and constructive rest.
  • Feed and replenish our being with unspoiled nature and harmonious surrounding.
  • Provide conditions to gain clarity, discern possibilities, and make conscious choices toward actions supportive of living a life in health and awareness.
  • Create an environment where mind and body can feel fed, en(rich)ed, and fulfilled to return from the retreat with renewed energy toward life.

participant memories

"Maïté’s thoughtfully planned 3-day program included mindfulness meditation, mindful movement sessions drawn from the mind-body practices of Hatha yoga and Pilates, dancing to music and free form body movements as a group. Her enthusiasm for sharing this program of mindfulness for personal growth was genuine and inspiring!"
"I was blessed to have participated in the Winter Solstice Retreat led by Maïté at Table Rock Retreat Center. It was a truly memorable experience in a place of peace and tranquility!"
"The gently guided meditations helped me to be more present in the moment. The poetry reading, and selected music were very soothing, and created relaxing, beautiful imageries in my mind."
"The group activities effortlessly built connection and trust among us. I enjoyed our lively group talk after periods of guided meditation."
"The period in silence and writing a letter to my future self were helpful to reflect on things I have been learning about myself, things I want to remember, and my intentions to live a good, healthy life."
"All the nutritious, delicious, and organic vegetarian meals were lovingly prepared, while group participation was welcomed. Our festive lunch on the last day was especially sumptuous! "
"The choice of location fitted very nicely with the whole retreat. We were isolated and in the middle of nature helping focusing on ourselves while nicely merging with the environment at times!."
"There was free time for quiet reflection, or connect to nature by resting in a hammock, or taking a walk on the trails in the woods surrounding the retreat center."
"The retreat was wonderful and provided us with the space to safely express ourselves and to do a deep dive for personal introspection. I would recommend the Winter Solstice Retreat (or any other retreats with Maïté, actually) - to anyone who want to start off next year on a good foot."
"There were so many heartwarming moments: we circled around our newly planted trees in a light rain; we gathered at the edges of a reflecting pool; and we gathered around a blazing bonfire at night."
"The joyfulness throughout the program enhanced my appreciation and gratitude for all the elements in the universe, my family, friendship, and Life!"
"Maïté was an excellent leader, she allowed us to experience this retreat on different levels. She was very knowledgeable in various meditative techniques and exercises. The days were very well planned out and perfectly executed."

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