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"The Institute exists to spread well-being and healthy active lifestyles, so our intention is to place into Humankind's Hands the Gift of Awareness with integrative mindfulness and movement experiences. In our activities together, we tune into our mind-body connection and inherent capacity to wake up to the unfolding of any aspect of life, as a thread of moments into motion. We develop our inner resources to live in the present moment, so we can access the freedom to make more conscious choices, and respond with (r)evolutionary actions or non-actions to live in health and awareness, to adopt and inspire sustainable lifestyles, and to diffuse well-being into all society for the prosperity of present and future generations."
- Maïté, Founder of Institute for Integrative Mindfulness and Movement


Maïté is the Founder of The Institute for Integrative Mindfulness and Movement. She is a certified teacher in mindfulness and movement, and a writer. She holds the highest level of internationally accredited certifications in the fields of both Mindfulness and Pilates: she is an Internationally Certified Meditation Teacher – Professional Level through IMTA, International Mindfulness Teachers Association as well as a Comprehensively Certified Pilates Master Teacher through NPCP, National Pilates Certification Program, previously known as PMA, Pilates Method Alliance.

Maïté created the Institute to provide resources to sustain well-being and to raise awareness on mindfulness and movement approaches with a threefold focus on: education, experiential learning, and self-development. As the creative mind behind the programs, Maïté has developed an integrative guided approach to mindfulness and movement by incorporating a blend of inputs from secular mind-body practices into immersive, interactive, and live experiences.

Maïté travels internationally and works extensively with people from all walks of life. She meets in private and group settings. She designs events for the general public, presents at museums or conferences, leads seminars in the workplace, offers trainings, and guides retreats from to time to time. Maïté is very devoted to her immediate community. She is always thrilled to promote health for a good cause. She is a former Faculty Member of BU Dance & Pilates Apparatus Department. Nowadays, she serves MIT Department of Athletics, Physical Education Program as a Faculty Member and UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center as a Teacher-Assistant and Mentor. 

The Institute for Integrative Mindfulness and Movement is not affiliated with any particular religious or political beliefs. The Institute works to craft experiences to organizations and individuals. All of the programs are secular in nature. They serve the purpose to foster well-being into society by combining mindfulness and movement practices.  

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*Pronounce Maïté: “Might-é” (as in – mighty – strong and – é – in Beyoncé).

Every moment, place, activity is an invitation to practice mindfulness and movement and to embody a healthy active lifestyle.” – Maïté

feature article

Our founder received the honor to be featured on Pilates Method Alliance, in the adjacent article.

The Pilates Method Alliance is an international, not-for-profit professional association, dedicated to the field of Pilates to preserve and develop the heritage of Joseph and Clara Pilates.
Its goal is to recognize the profession of teaching the Pilates method while maintaining high standards and respecting the different and varied approaches that exist among the various training schools of Pilates.

Maïté has been a PMA member and recognized Certified Pilates Teacher  since 2015. It is the highest level of Pilates certification available internationally, now known as NCPT.
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University of Massachusetts Medical School, Center for Mindfulness, Mindfulness Based-Stress Reduction Teacher

University of California Los Angeles, Mindfulness Awareness Research Center,  Training in Mindfulness Facilitation

International Mindfulness Teachers Association, Internationally Certified Meditation Teacher, Professional Level

Boston University School of Social Work, Professional Certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Pilates Method Alliance, Professional Association for Pilates Teachers, Certified Pilates Teacher and Member

National Pilates Certification Program, National Certified Pilates Teacher

Balanced Body University, Instructor Training, Certified Comprehensive Pilates Teacher and Barre Teacher

Harvard University, American Repertory Theater & Moscow Art Theater School, Intensive Training in Performing

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