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I'm Maïté

I am the Founder of the Institute. My twenty plus years of practice have taken me on a journey to guide and empower people from all walks of life as a Certified Teacher in Mindfulness, Pilates and Yoga.

I meet privately and in group. I design and present events, offer seminars for the workplace, lead training and guide retreats.

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healing sound bath

april 12, 2023

This event is sold out.

Join us for a special interactive evening as Maïté, founder of The Institute for Integrative Mindfulness and Movement, partners with The Museum of Science again for an in-person evening of mindfulness in the Charles Hayden Planetarium!

Scientific research has shown that Mindfulness Meditation and/or Sound Baths can have many benefits. They can foster overall health and well-being; enhance physical, emotional, and mental healing; support the capacity to sustain present moment awareness; elevate consciousness; improve cognitive functions and emotion regulations; promote states of calm and relaxation; increase concentration, focus and mental clarity; reduce levels of stress and reactivity; lower symptoms of anxiety and depression; and improve positive emotions and moods.

Experience a healing sound bath immersed in cinematic art and poetry under the dome and join Maïté to cultivate mindfulness, connect to your senses, and open your heart to the present moment through music, sound, and light.