what we offer

online classes for individuals

We offer online classes for individuals of all kinds: drop-ins, class-series, collaborative events with other mind-like organizations, half-day retreats or special classes to mark an event such as our signature Equinox Class! Each class intends to cultivate well-being and support healthy active lifestyles with activities designed around Mindfulness and Movement practices.
Offered online via Zoom.


Sign up for drop-ins, weekly classes, or seminar series to bring active healthy lifestyle to your workplace in the form of mindfulness, movement or both, in order to reduce stress, revamp the nervous system, and reset mind & body all together.
Offered online or on-site.

workshop or special event

Let us help you host a wellness day for your team, offer a breather at a conference, or insert a mindful pause in the misdt of a hectic day at your organization so everybody can feel mentally recharged and physically energized for the benefit of each other.
Offered online or on-site.


Take time for yourself to unplug, rejuvenate, and connect to the soothing beauty and peacefulness of Nature in the luxury of our hidden gem retreat center. Ask about our upcoming retreat to treat yourself or a loved one with healthy activities, organic meals, and restorative sleep.
Check our Retreat Page. Email us for any information or request.

msbr and MINDFUL AWARENESS programS

Join the next Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program or Mindful Awareness Class Series we are offering to discover mindfulness-meditation practices in formal and informal ways, reduce stress, improve health and live present-moment experiences with awareness.
Offered online or on-site.

Discover mindfulness and movement experiences

healthy lifestyles

We offer experiences of Mindfulness and Movement, indoor and outdoor, to businesses, organizations and individuals. 

We serve people from all walks of life: people who seek to enhance overall well-being, reduce stress, and adopt healthy active lifestyles.

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Partner Work
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