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a breathing technique for stress relief

Reducing stress in a matter of seconds is possible. Find out how.

This wonderful and simple breathing technique can reduce stress in a matter of seconds. With a few deep breaths, we can simultaneously turn down the sympathetic nervous system and activate the parasympathetic nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is linked to the production of stress hormones while the parasympathetic nervous system is associated with the induction of a calm state. 

Movement Tips

finding a balance at work

Concerned about sitting too much? Dreaming about your standing desk? So, what’s best for my body at work?

Sitting or not to sit, that is the question! You will hear pro’s and con’s about sitting at work vs. standing at work. As you research more, you will find scientific evidence backing up how one is much better for your health than the other and why; and you will scratch your head when you push your curiosity further and find out that the latest publications support that completely adopting one while refuting the other is actually not so great either. Bottom line: alternating moderate periods of sitting and standing with sporadic variety of movements throughout the body might be the best answer to find equilibrium to your life at work! 

Mindfulness Tips


Learning the Pebble Meditation. How to use it and why?

The Pebble Meditation by Thich Nhat Hanh is a mindful breathing practice combining the visualization of images and the cultivation of qualities. This meditation is a way to reconnect to ourselves and our inner qualities, to unwind and cultivate peace. Feel free to choose four different pebbles for this practice. The action of holding each pebble brings an additional layer to the practice of being aware to the present moment experience, involving the sense of feeling-touch. If you do not have any pebbles handy, allow yourself the possibility to explore this practice without the pebbles. They are a fun touch, but not a absolute necessity.

Mindful Living Tips


Discover the gem of the spices: saffron. Today, we learn how to explore and integrate saffron into a mindful way of living.

Mindful Living is about the awareness of paying attention to present moment experiences with a quality of openness, curiosity, and willingness to meeting whatever is arising. Turning the attention to something new, littly or commonly known is one way to cultivate mindful living. Today, we explore Saffron, a culinary delight used in foods or beverages, such as risottos, stews or teas. We learn, with these simple steps, how to incorporate informal layers of mindfulness practice with saffron.

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