heart'titude class


heart'titude class | return ♥ refresh ♥ realign ♥ rise up!
february 14, 2020 | 5-6:15pm ET | ZOOM

Online event open to all. No experience required. Register before 3pm ET on 2.14.2021 to join.

February is the shortest month of the year. February the 14th, otherwise named “Valentine’s Day”, is in many regions of the world, famously sought-after or dreaded for. Whether the courtship around Valentine’s leaves you enamored, disheartened, or indifferent, whether you are in a couple or single, give yourself a little heart’titude of support to help you with the winter weather, life-related stress, and any feelings of fatigue. 

Setting time aside to be with ourselves sometimes come with feelings of selfishness or guilt, but giving to ourselves from time to time is actually a radical act of love and care to who and what we care about most: relationships, health, work, etc. Would we not plug the phone before it’s off? Inflate the tire before it’s flat? Fill the tank before it’s empty? 

Let’s get together online and cultivate “heart’titude” towards ourselves to charge our batteries, boost our energy, and fill up our tank. Let us connect, reflect, and listen to what’s close to our hearts a little more attentively. Under the interactive guidance of Maïté, Founder of the Institute for Integrative Mindfulness and Movement, let this time be for self-care and nourishment to:

  • Return to yourself with the support of secular mind-body and mindful-awareness practices
  • Refresh with a time for personal exploration through reflection and creative expression 
  • Realign with any intentions or goals you have for 2021
  • Rise Up! with a mindfulness ♥ heart practice

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To register, follow any of these steps. Please register before 3pm ET on 2.14.2021 to join class so the registration can be processed. 
1) Use the Registration Form on this page.
2) Venmo: @imminstitute  with the amount for the class, your name, email, and name of the class so we can email you the class link.
3) Email: info@imminstitute.com  before midnight the day prior to class start with your phone number, email, and the name of the class.
Details to join the session online will be sent within the hour prior to the scheduled class-time. Registration closes by 3pm ET on 2.14.2021