fall equinox class


fall equinox - Mindful Awareness CLASS series | EQUINOX-DAY CLASS
sep 22 - Oct 20, 2020 from 6-7:15pm EST ( join ONE SESSION OR 6 SESSIONS / 75 MINUTES EACH)

Join us online for the Equinox-Day Class only or the entire Class-Series in Mindful Awareness Practices.
Advanced Registration Required. Open to All.

Join our Fall Equinox – Mindful Awareness Class-Series from September 22 – October 20, 2020.
Drop-in for the class held on Equinox Day on September 22nd only. Or Join
 the entire Class-Series of 6 classes.

Live more fully present to life, your life. The month of September usually marks new beginnings and a return back to certain rituals, routines, and structures. This year has been unexpected, disruptive, and novel for many of us. With the secular practice of Mindfulness, we can choose to live with intentions and to connect to one’s own inner resources. 

Each week, we will explore a set of different practices to develop lifelong skills and learn to: 

  1. welcome the fall, make friends with what is
  2. work with challenges
  3. build resilience
  4. develop positive emotional states
  5. meet one’s own creative side
  6. cultivate ways in finding more ease, balance, and joy in these current times. 

This Class-Series will be taught online in an interactive way through guidance and sharing thanks to a variety of activities provided in the form of:

  • informative lectures
  • mindfulness practices
  • discussions, Q&A, 
  • personal exploration
  • creative writing or drawing
  • experiential learning

Take this course from the comfort of your home every Tuesday from 6-7:15PM EST. Join the entire Class-Series of 6 classes or drop in for the Equinox Day Session only held on September 22nd. You will have the option to sign up for the Class-Series after taking the first session if you like. Event open to all, no previous experience required.

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To register, follow any of these steps:
1) Use the Registration Form on this page
2) Venmo: @imminstitute
  • Indicate the amount of the class
  • Indicate your name, your email, and the class you are signing up for so we can email you the online class link.
  • Email a day in advance of taking class, letting us know your contact information and which class you’d like to register for so we can help you register
Make sure you register a least a day in advance, at the very latest 90 minutes before class starts so the registration can be processed. 

Details to join the session online will be sent within the hour prior to the scheduled class-time.