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Let's wake up to our lives together!

Supporting our community to facilitate self-care, ease and well-being is our top priority in the midst of the current events. Our Founder has been taking active steps to spontaneously lead Mindfulness Meditation sessions online and live, here and there, whenever and wherever needed.

Join our next *free* practice: Once weekly at noon, EST, starting March 2020. 

Ask about our next online dates using our contact page and check live-stream events using the button below.

online classes in mindfulness and movement

Learn online and awaken lifelong skills!
Discover, develop, and deepen the practice of Mindfulness.
Condition, restore, and stretch mind-body harmoniously and injury-free through Movement.

Our online courses provide the opportunity to dive into various practices of Mindfulness, in formal and informal ways, with our uniquely designed courses or the renowned MBSR Program taught online; and to incorporate Movement with effective applications of bio-mechanics for any functional daily movements and sports. Online classes are offered publicly and privately to individuals and organizations. Consult our calendar page and email us for more info.